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“Drive-Master’s ownership, sales, service and office staff are second to none!”

“Their new DM/IDS system is a night and day difference over the old EMC. Jerry works with me to fine tune my van for my specific needs. It is amazing, every time I leave Drive-Master my van handles a little better. On the rare times that I have a problem, they fix it right away! Drive-Master also helps me with transportation to their shop.”

“Shelby is very knowledgeable. He did NOT pressure me and gave me several options. Their office personnel are friendly, helpful and accommodating.”

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Kerry Walker

“I have been a customer of Drive Master for over 30 years. We are all only human and in our lives, we all have problems. The difference between us is how we deal with problems. Drive Master has people working there that make the difference by truly caring about the people they service with their work. Issues happen! Drive Master and their staff deal with the issues in a professional manner and fix what needs to be fixed so their customer’s are well taken care of. Drive Master genuinely cares!”

Peter Akos

“I have been a member of the extended Drive-Master family for 36 years and now my fourth Drive-Master van”

“I can always get them when I need them. When there’s an emergency I can come in right away with no problem. They’ll work with you to figure out and customize a mobility product to suit your specific needs.”

“Everybody is helpful and friendly!”

“Peter worked with me from the beginning to customize my gas and brake pedals to be operated with my knee and foot. As far as I know I am the only one with a system like this. One of a kind!”

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Harvey Laufer

“I have been a member of the extended Drive-Master family since 1979”

They have always treated me with respect, compassion and honesty. Drive-Master always allowed me to live my life independently, so I could be a lawyer, a world champion and enjoy my life to the fullest since the day I became paralyzed over 35 years ago.”

“I will always recommend Drive-Master, they have been there for me every step of the way.”

“If my van has a problem, they always fix it right away. With the leadership of Peter and their great staff, I am the happiest customer in the world! Thank you Peter and your entire staff, including Peter’s father Alan Ruprecht who had a heart of gold. I feel part of the Drive-Master family and will be forever grateful for being one of my top ten greatest assets since my injury.”

“Drive-Master has been one of my greatest forces to improving the quality of my life for the past 35 years.”

“Thank you Alan, Peter and the entire Drive-Master family. I am forever grateful you have given me independence and hundreds of thousands of miles of joy and wonderful experiences!”

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Doug Heir

“I have been a customer of Drive-Master since 1997.”

“My greatest fear before coming to Drive-Master was being denied or refused service. I was thrilled when they told me to come right up and come back anytime!”

“To recommend Drive-Master I would stress their over 60 years in the mobility industry!”

“They have built me 3 vehicles. My favorite part about working with Drive-Master is their willingness to do whatever it takes to get me on the schedule, so I can continue to drive.”

Charlie Fleisher Testimonial Picture 1

Charles Fleisher,
The Opportunities Guy

“Hi Joe,

THANK YOU for making my new car buying experience such a good one! Even though I walked (actually rolled) into the shop alone, I never felt like I was “alone” making this huge purchase. I felt very supported by yourself and everyone I came into contact with. I appreciated your no pressure sales approach. It made me feel very comfortable doing business with you.

Thank you for picking me up on Tuesday morning and taking me to the bank and then to the shop to pick up my new van. It was sooo helpful and saved me from an exhausting outing, having to schlep myself with my scooter to the bank. It was also a relief not having to make special arrangements for getting myself with my scooter to the shop to pick up my new van. THANK YOU!!

Thank you to all for making sure I drove off feeling comfortable and secure in my new van. Joe, you showed genuine concern that I should be one hundred percent comfortable in my seat while driving. Peter had a great idea putting a lowered platform for my left foot to rest on. Jose executed the idea with excellent craftsmanship and speed. Quite frankly I was amazed at how quickly and beautifly Jose made the extra platform!!

Thank you to Tina as well, for getting through the paperwork so efficiently. She also made sure I got out in time to make it to my daughters doctor appointment. THANK YOU, we made it in time.

Thank you all again. I am looking forward to the new freedom I will have, now that I have a much easier way to get around. I also feel relieved knowing that if I have any concerns in the future I am certain I can go back to the Drive-Master Team for their expert help.

With Appreciation,
Michele Paolano”

“I know my vehicle is getting the best care it can!”

“I have been a member of the extended Drive-Master family for 14 years. I have recommended Drive-Master and will continue to because bottom line, my vehicles have performed to my liking. I was told what would be done to/for my vehicle and it was done.”

“My favorite part of working with Drive-Master are the people who work there!”

“It starts at the top, Peter is welcoming and makes you feel at home. Enver has always been upfront with me and explained everything done to the vehicle and Shelby is a great advocate I’ve know for many years!”

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John McAleavy

“Friendly people with the can do attitude!”

“Our 1st time adapting a vehicle since my injury. A lot of things that I didn’t know. But the Drive-Master Team were professional, courteous and helped me through the process.”

“Could not ask for a better experience.”


Gary Baisley Jr.

“I had to email Drive-Master to say that in my opinion you make the best, most intuitive hand controls available. I had polio at age 8 years. When I obtained my drivers license in the early 60’s my dad ordered the DriveMaster from you and installed them himself. He subsequently install these hand controls on other cars. My husband purchased another DriveMaster and installed them on 2 different cars. My last car, purchased in 1998, DriveMaster required a licensed installer. I took the car to an authorized installer and insisted on the DriveMaster hand controls. For whatever reason I met with great resistance with this request and told the man these were the best, intuitive hand controls on the market and that I had lots of experience using hand controls. I have used hand controls on rental cars where you push down for the brake and a similar move toward the floor for the gas. Very confusing and not intuitive. Almost ran into a wall in a Dallas, Texas parking garage, 4th level, because of those controls.

Anyway getting back to the installer. I got the Drive-Master and he told me after installation that I could not have picked a better hand control because it was easy to install and was a “no brainer” to drive. Hopefully he learned something and ordered lots more Drive-Master.

It is my wish that the Drive-Master company grows and thrives even more in the years to come.
You provide a great service and great product. Thank you very much.”

Lois G.

“Peter, PJ and Roy,

Thanks for putting the foot steering in my ’05 T&C van. I’ve driven (safely) over 2,500 mi so far. All is well and working as it should. Just wanted to say thanks, again.”

Mike L