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Side Entry Wheelchair Vans

Side Ramp Wheelchair Accessible Minivan Conversions

Drive-Master sells and services all Side Entry Wheelchair Van and Wheelchair Accessible Minivan Conversions for the Toyota Sienna, Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country and Honda Odyssey in New Jersey and the New York area. A Side Entry Minivan gives extra room for maneuverability because either the entire floor of the vehicle is lowered, or just a portion, depending on the type of modification. A wheelchair user can typically drive or ride in the first row position. Wheelchair users can also ride securely in the second row position. If you live in an area with plenty of handicap or parallel parking, the side entry wheelchair van is a good fit because it requires extra space for the ramp to deploy.

Side Entry or Side Ramp wheelchair accessible minivan conversions offered by Drive-Master in NJ and the NY area include BraunAbility, VMI and Eldorado. These Wheelchair Van Conversions maintain the rear cargo storage space behind the third row seating. There are differences in each type of conversion and manufacturer including measurements entering and inside the minivan, fold out or in-floor power and manual ramps, and more. Click on your preferred Minivan brand above for more information on the Side Ramp Wheelchair Accessible Minivan conversions available from Drive-Master at our retail location in Fairfield, NJ.