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Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

To Our Valued Customer:

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and offer input that will help you move through the remainder of the process smoothly and with minimal inconvenience. At this time we would like to introduce to you our personnel in case you need assistance. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Peter B. Ruprecht

Christina M. Knapik

General Office Manager
Christina M. Knapik

Receptionist/AVA Rental Coordinator
Rosaline Rogers

Dealer Relations
Vinnie Dalli-Cardillo

Scheduling Coordinator
Christina or Rosaline

Salesmen Code
Shelby Wells (102)
Joseph A. Segro(359)
Peter B. Ruprecht Jr. (62)

Shop Manager
Peter B. Ruprecht
Peter B. Ruprecht, Jr.

  • Directions ~ Please scroll over the “Contact Us” and click the button marked “Directions” at the top of this web page to help assist you in geting accurate directions to our facility.
  • Routes 46, 80, & 23 are usually heavy due to either rush hour or construction. If you have a repair appointment during typical rush hours, please allow extra travel time to your schedule. If you’re running late, please contact our office.
  • Food ~We have a beverage/snack machine and a coffee machine. A food truck stops by every morning around 9:15. There is a McDonald’s, Subway, and diner nearby but they are not accessible by sidewalk and are on a main road. Please feel free to bring a lunch if you are expecting an extended visit at our facility or in the event of unexpected delays. For your convenience, our kitchen has a microwave and refrigerator that you are welcome to use. There are restaurants that deliver if necessary.
  • Children ~We have a TV with a VCR in our waiting room along with a few toys. Please feel free to bring activities for your child or their favorite family friendly video to help entertain them while they visit our facility. Although we do not provide formal child care, you are welcome to bring your children with you on your visit. Keep in mind any special needs they may have if your visit is extended.
  • Schedule ~We make every effort to complete all work in a timely manner. When you arrive, our shop foreman will be notified and you can make yourself comfortable in our waiting area. If you need to speak with the technician, let the receptionist know so she can notify the shop foreman. Generally, we will be able to begin working with you within 30 minutes.

Occasionally, there is a question about your vehicle during the fitting/repair and we may need you. To avoid delays, please make sure that the receptionist is notified if you have to leave the facility or the waiting area.

Customers are prohibited from entering the shop due to insurance regulations.

  • Emergencies ~ When a client has an emergency with their vehicle, Drive-Master tries to give them immediate attention. Please be patient with us if this interferes with our expected start or completion time of your vehicle.
  • Temperature ~ We try to maintain a consistent temperature at all times. Unfortunately, it may be too warm or too cool for you. Please make sure to dress in layers and bring along a blanket or jacket if you are going to be here for an extended stay.
  • Medications ~ Since your fitting appointment and your travel time to and from Drive-Master may keep you away from home for an extended period, please make sure that you bring any medications you may need during the day or in the event that your stay is extended.
  • Alternative Transportation ~ Please make sure that alternative transportation arrangements have been made in the event that it takes more than one visit to complete your fitting.
  • Hours ~ Our shop closes at 4:30 daily (our office is open until 5:00 M-F). Please be aware that we reserve the right to finish a fitting the next business day or reschedule your fitting if it is going to require work past 4:30. We will not rush your job and risk your safety or chance delivering an incomplete product.
  • Arrival Time ~ Drive-Master appreciates all clients on time arrival. In the event that you are going to be late, please contact our scheduling coordinator/Salesperson. Since the production schedules are very closely monitored, your late arrival may mean that Drive-Master has to reschedule. Be aware, if you arrive late for your scheduled fitting – it will dramatically increase the amount of time you have to wait for the completion of your vehicle. Drive-Master reserves the right to reschedule or delay your start time if you or a necessary third party is late for your appointment.
  • Bring Your Equipment ~ Please make sure and bring your wheelchair or scooter. We can’t complete your vehicle without it. Also remember to bring any specialty equipment you may use including your wheelchair cushion and back, wheelchair headrests (if applicable), footrests, your mobility devices (wheelchair or scooter) battery charger and any support cushions, harnesses or lateral supports that you will use for driving. Additionally, don’t forget your glasses. Lastly, if you are being fitted as an independent driver, bring your driver’s license!
  • Transferring out of your wheelchair ~ If we are adding an EZ Lock bracket (mandatory if your van is to be equipped with an EZ Lock) to your wheelchair or making any modifications to your wheelchair, you will have to transfer into a different wheelchair. Although we may have a loaner wheelchair you can transfer to, due to the potential for back injuries we will not allow our personnel to lift you. We have on premise a Hoyer lift for your use. Regardless, if you will be transferring we recommend that you come to our facility seated on your own Hoyer sling or be prepared to maneuver your sling into position for transfer. Please discuss both the need for a Hoyer and the loaner wheelchair issue with your salesperson in advance of your appointment at our facility. 
  • Hotels ~ A list of hotels is attached to this sheet. Please feel free to make your own arrangements in the event your fitting is going to take more than one business day. This list may also come in handy in the event that your fitting is delayed or extended. In some cases, when advanced arrangements are made, Drive-Master may be able to transport you to and from your lodging.
  • Third Party Arrangements ~ Drive-Master makes every effort to fully communicate with all parties who may have an interest in your vehicle delivery as well as payment for our services. Ultimately it is your responsibility to communicate with any/all third parties who may need your information, may be issuing payment and/or be required on site for the completion of your fitting (i.e., case manager, evaluator, etc). Please help us make sure that everyone is present for your appointment time. If the third party related to your case is not present, is late, or if applicable, payment has not been received it will delay your fitting and delivery.
  • Safety ~ Your vehicle may require installation of various securement devices as well as other required safety devices. If this is a replacement vehicle, you may note more rigid requirements for these devices than in past years. Please be advised that Drive-Master will not allow your vehicle to leave our facility without all required safety devices in place and working correctly– NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  • DMV ~ Any new van purchased through us from Braun, Freedom, Viewpoint, or VMI is sold through an out of state automobile dealer and will not have an automatic NJ inspection sticker. Once your new vehicle is registered (either by you or Drive-Master) your vehicle must be taken to New Jersey DMV inspection. At that time (you will go a special lane and not be inspected unless after the 14 day grace period) and will receive a two year inspection sticker.
  • Wheelchair Van Rentals ~ Our sister company Accessible Vans of America NE rents Wheelchair Accessible Minivans for the day, week, or month. Hand controls can be installed for drivers who can transfer to a power seat base. Please see our Rentals page for prices and more information. Please remember to book your reservation at least two weeks and during holidays at least four weeks in advance.

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