Pedal Extensions - Drive Master

Pedal Extensions

Fold-Down Pedal Extensions

Drive-Master’s gas and brake pedal extensions adjust to allow 4″ to 12″ or longer if necessary of extended reach. Made of durable lightweight aluminum and stainless steel, Drive-Master Pedal Extensions provide comfortable driving after installation. Drive-Master Pedal Extensions fold down out of the way to allow other persons to operate the vehicle. Pedal extensions must be installed by authorized dealers. They fit most American cars and vans. Call now for more information on price and available appointment times.

Photos to the right demonstrate Drive-Master Pedal Extension’s fully operable and out of the way positions.

Left Foot Gas Pedal

Designed for people with limited or no use of their right foot, the quick release left foot gas pedal enables those drivers to utilize their left foot for gas operation. The pedal can be installed in any vehicle with an automatic transmission. No adjustments are necessary after installation, and the unit can easily be removed to allow other drivers to operate the vehicle. A pedal stop is part of the unit, and will not allow the right foot to inadvertently apply throttle.

Block Pedal Extensions

Our pedal extensions are fabricated from structural aluminum tubing with a non-skid surface. They have adjustable slots for two stainless steel clamps that go around the gas and brake pedals (can also be modified for clutch pedal extensions). Standard sizes range from 1″ to 4″ high. This is a semi-permanent installation.

Custom Foot Pedal Extensions

Drive-Master carries a full line of custom gas, brake, and clutch pedal extensions for all driver’s needs.