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Other Mobility Products

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Automatic Wheelchair Lock

Crash-tested, automatic wheelchair lock keeps you secure in driver or passenger position, anywhere your wheelchair can roll forward into it. It releases with a simple touch and is completely quad operable. Prevents rolling and tipping in any direction.

Smart Shift Power Gear Selector

Enables driver to shift from park to drive, or any point in between, with a conveniently located shift panel. See the Electronic Driving Aids page.

Passenger Position Wheelchair Lock

All wheelchairs must be secured in a moving vehicle. Drive-Master offers two types of wheelchair locks. The first is attached by an attendant who locks the chair to tracks in the floor with four ratchet-tightened straps. The second style works automatically (see above). Seat shoulder belts required.

Raised Door Opening

Available in three styles. The first, for full and mid-sized tops, offers 57″ clearance or higher. The second offers 53″ maximum clearance for use with Sport Top. The third is for low top vans, commonly called an “eyebrow,” which raises the original roof and side door height an additional 3 to 5 inches. Available for side or rear doors.

Dual Battery System

See the Electronic Driving Aids page.

Wheelchair Chest Restraint

For those who want added stability while riding or driving. Adjustable Velcro belts attach to wheelchair. Does not replace automotive factory seat belts.

Smooth Floor Covering

Consists of 3/8 inch plywood, installed as a base for whatever floor covering you choose to cover the hard-to-roll-over ridges in factory metal floors.

Interchangeable Driver’s Seat

Clamps in place in driver position when needed and stores in rear of van when not in use.

Relocate Switches

Usually requires Command Post Console. Can relocate ignition, wiper/washer, and headlight switches for more convenient operation (see the Electronic Driving Aids page).

Raised Roof

White fiberglass available in two sizes: full-sized offers 6′ of interior head room. Mid-sized offers 5′ 4″ head room with less wind resistance. Stylish Sport Top has same aerodynamic design, luggage rails, and 5’5″ of additional headroom. Can be painted to match the vehicle.

Power Door Opener

Motorized unit attaches to Sliding Door to electrically open and close sliding van door. Available for full size vans.

Electronic Ignition

A two function pushbutton system for ignition and start, this self contained unit can be mounted anywhere within the driver’s reach, eliminating the need to turn a key.