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Product Part #: SRE-3000Bruno logo

FINISH: Anodized
CAPACITY: 300 lb.
MATERIAL: Aluminum

Product Description

The Elan Straight Rail Stairlift Offers Exceptional Value.

A home stairlift with features usually associated with top-of-the-line models, our Elan (SRE-3000) keeps stair lift prices in line and on track. Going upstairs and down has never been so effortless and inexpensive.

The Bruno Elan delivers safety, performance and ease-of-use at an economy price.

While all of our home stair lifts represent Bruno’s commitment to innovation and reliability, the Elan especially demonstrates our determination to provide a rugged, yet lovely, stair lift for the entry level market.

This wonderful stair lift offers a long list of standard features that will please the budget-minded customer.

  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Direct drive motor/gear box – no belts for reduced maintenance
  • Two 12-volt batteries – continuously powered from any household outlet – provide dependable performance, even during outages
  • Arms, seat and footrest flip up creating plenty of space for family or guests to walk up and down the stairs
  • Generous seat size with multiple seat heights
  • A stair lift that can be installed on either side of the stairway
  • An elegant covered track gives you a clean and attractive rail
  • The standard swivel seat makes it easy to exit when you reach the top of the stairs

Convenient Installation

  • Anodized aluminum rail installs to within 5” (127 mm) of the wall
  • Can be installed on either side of the stairway
  • Standard track lengths of: 15’ 9” (4.8 m) – two 7’ 10.5” (2.4 m) sections 19’ 8” (6 m) – two 9’ 10” (3 m) sections

Smooth, Powerful Drive System

  • Self-locking worm gear; rack-and-pinion drive with electromagnetic braking system and overspeed brake
  • Maximum rider weight of 300 lb (136 kg)
  • Soft-start provides smooth operation

Battery-Powered Technology

  • Ensures access even during power outages
  • Powered by two 12V batteries; continuously charged by a 1A battery charger that plugs into any 110V household outlet
  • Full-length charge strip allows unit to charge anywhere along the rail


  • Adjustable seat height for easier entry/exit at the top and bottom of the stairway
  • Flip-up arms for easy wheelchair transfers
  • Generous seat size – 17.5” (444 mm) seat pad width & 20” (508 mm) width between the arms
  • Contoured seat for maximum comfort

Locking offset swivel seat at the top of the stairway – stops at 67° and 90°
Two remote, wireless call/send controls
Flip-up footrest
Footrest and carriage safety sensor
Seat belt with buckle
Audio diagnostics makes service easier and more precise
Conforms to ASME Std. A18.1 and A17.5
Certified to CSA Std. B613 and B44.1
ETL Intertek C/US listed
Bruno’s Gold Warranty – Five years on major components and two years on parts

A ‘Flip-up’ folding rail option: if there’s a door, obstacle or hallway at the end of your stair lift rail, simply flip up the bottom section of the rail for easy access and added safety