Eldorado Amerivan Dodge Chrysler Side Entry Wheelchair Van - Drive Master

Eldorado Amerivan Dodge Chrysler Side Entry Wheelchair Van

website builders Amerivan delivers quality engineering, creative design and superior craftsmanship for the ultimate solution to your mobility challenges.

The Amerivan is built to last, just like our legendary bus products. In fact, we’re the only lowered-floor minivan you can buy with an all stainless steel floor standard on all Chrysler, Dodge and Toyota models. Our sturdy aluminum power fold-out ramp features a dependable motor drive for effortless, push-button operation. Door, ramp and kneeling are all actuated with the simple touch of a button. The Amerivan is available with a 52” or 56” side door opening for greater entrance and interior height!

Inside, Q’Straint tie-downs provide greater security and are located for maximum value. Wide passenger side and driver side sliding doors offer convenient, easy access for all. Amerivan conversions feature lowered rear seats and front seats which can be easily removed.

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Floor, Rocker Panels and Rear Sub-floor
  • 7-Year, 70,000-Mile No-Rust Warranty


Classic Conversion Standard Equipment

  • Stainless steel floor
  • 52” or 56” Door Entrance Height
  • Kneeling feature
  • Both front seats removable
  • Color-keyed carpeting
  • 54″ long manual fold-out, swing-out ramp
  • Q’Straint wheelchair restraint tracks
  • EZ Lock power supply
  • EZ Lock plate mounting capability
  • Modification of OEM rear heat/air
  • Side ground effects
  • OEM remote control modification
  • Transmission/door Interlock
  • OEM compact spare tire hidden in storage area
  • 1 set Q’Straint belts
  • Q’Straint stem

Popular Options

  • Manual fold-out ramp
  • Slip-resistant vinyl flooring
  • 2-Passenger fold-away middle seat (permanent mount)
  • Q’Straint QRT belts
  • EZ Lock plate
  • OEM power sliding door option