BraunAbility Toyota Power Infloor Ramp Wheelchair Van - Drive Master

BraunAbility Toyota Power Infloor Ramp Wheelchair Van

Toyota Braun Rampvan XT Side Entry Fold Out Low res

Freedom of choice, that’s what the Toyota Power Infloor adds to our already diverse product line-up. BraunAbility’s first infloor ramp option stows away neatly under the floor, allowing for obstacle-free entry and exit for ambulatory passengers.

With a ramp angle of 8.8° and the smoothest possible transition, we make it easier to get in and out of your vehicle. The easy ramp angle and added side rail security makes accessibility a breeze. Add to that the sleek Step & Roll seating, and this is another first-class mobility option on a world-class chassis.


  • 54¼“ Door Height
  • 30¼” Ramp Width
  • 8.8° Ramp Angle
  • Power Infloor Ramp
  • Power Door & Kneel
  • Keyless Remote
  • Removable Seating


Mobility Features

Infloor Ramp

The lightweight aluminum ramp extends and retracts smoothly to allow easy access to the interior for wheelchairs and scooters. With a smooth transition plate and easy ramp angle, entry and exit are a breeze. A durable, nonskid powder-coated finish ensures superior traction, and the slotted surface helps prevent your chair from tracking in debris.

Keyless Remote

Your mobility systems are integrated into the vehicle’s keyless remote for convenience at the push of a button.

Removable Seating

For those who wish to ride up front or even drive from their wheelchair, BraunAbility makes it easy: simply unlock the seat base and roll the entire seat out. The seat can be reinstalled into the vehicle just as easily when needed.

Auto Kneel

To make boarding even easier, BraunAbility wheelchair vans feature an integrated “kneeling” system. An actuator lowers the rear suspension while the door opens, which reduces the slope of the auto ramp.

Automatic Door

The wheelchair van’s sliding door opens reliably at the touch of a button. This feature can be activated with the standard keyless entry remote, or with one of the interior control switches.

Safety & Durabilty


BraunAbility wheelchair vans are built on a state-of-the art assembly line, ensuring consistent quality you can rely on to get you where you need to go, day in and day out.

Gas Tank

BraunAbility engineers designed a heavy-gauge steel safety cage that completely surrounds the fuel tank, channeling forces around it in the event of a collision.

Impact Tested

BraunAbility products are engineered to the highest standards. We invest in industry-leading safety testing that often exceeds government safety standards.

System Control

This BraunAbility controller is a high-tech device that operates the ramp system, kneeling feature and more. It is hassle-free thanks to built-in diagnostic software.

Wiring Harness

Another way we ensure reliable, trouble-free operation is by utilizing factory-original connectors for secure connections in all BraunAbility wiring harnesses.

Fuel & Brake Lines

The conversion’s fuel and brake lines are manufactured to higher standards. Approved by the OEM, this leads to maximum safety and performance over the life of your BraunAbility van.

Benefits of the Toyota Power Infloor


  • It’s easy to remove the driver seat, making it possible to drive from your wheelchair
  • The driver seat can be easily reinstalled to accommodate other drivers


  • No more transfers! It’s never been easier to get out and go!
  • Choose the seating configuration that works best for your family

Wheelchair Passengers

  • A BraunAbility vehicle means a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Quiet Drive® system makes mobility more enjoyable than ever
  • Choose the seating configuration that fits your lifestyle best

Other Benefits

  • Ample rear cargo space
  • Backseat footrest for backseat passengers