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A Compact, Fully Powered Transfer Seat OutsideYour Vehicle! Why give up the features of your factory seat and accept reduced space in your pickup cab when you don’t have to? The innovative Stow-Away™ gets you into and out of your truck or large SUV quickly and easily. Mounted under the vehicle in a sealed container, this remarkable and rugged power transfer seat is protected from the elements and delivers smooth, dependable performance every time. Simply hit a button and the seat will greet you at the right height. Once on, enjoy the smooth ride to the top… Get in, stow the seat and away you go!

Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs/136 kg
One Button Pendant Operation: Yes
Standard Safety Handle: Yes
Vehicle Specific Mounting Brackets: Yes
Power Up/Down (20 in/508 mm Vertical Travel): Yes
Tested To 3x Static/1.5x Dynamic Load: Yes
Quick Installation (Less Than Two Hours): Yes
Available For Left And Right Side: Yes
Powered By Vehicle Battery: Yes
1/2 Ton, 3/4 Ton And 1 Ton Vehicle Applications: Yes
Std. Cab, Extended Cab And Crew Cab Applications: Yes
Eligible For Auto Manufacturer Rebate: Yes
3 Year Warranty: Yes
Emergency Back-Up: Yes

  • Sealed, e-coated and powder coated for harsh environments – splash guard standard
  • Removable Safety Handle – provides stability while riding seat, managing wheelchair and can aid in transferring
  • Hand-held Pendant Controls – one button for ease of operation
  • Seat Pad – easily removable for washing or replacement